Alberica bags are precious creations which, as desired by their creator, gather the noblest and most unique elements of Italian artisan tradition linked to fashion and design. Entirely made in Italy in a small artisan workshop at the doors of Florence, Alberica bags are adorned with their shell-shaped decorative logo and their handle in  authentic Carrara white marble. They are made even more unique and special by their entirely hand-made copper decorations and surprising fabrics from the atelier Mantero Seta in Como, created with jacquard frame.


Alberica bags are a tribute to excellence Made in Italy and to the nearby city of Carrara, famous throughout the world for that knowhow which, through the centuries, has enabled marble to become a synonym of luxury art and design. That very luxury and design that today is to be found in the unmistakable, elegant and light marble handle and the candid shell, archaic symbol of creative femininity, which is the logo of the Alberica bags.

On the left: Sara Giannelli, founder and designer.