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Made in Italy in a small artisan workshop at the doors of Florence, Alberica bags are characterised by their decorative shell logo and authentic white Carrara marble handle. Alberica bags, are made even more unique and special by their entirely hand-made copper decorations and surprising fabrics from an atelier in Como, created with jacquard frame.


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Alberica Marble Bags: exclusive luxury bags for women, made in Italy.

Discover Alberica branded bags, unique handbags with refined details in Carrara marble.

If you are looking for branded bags combining luxury and femininity, Alberica ladies’ bags are your dream come true. Entirely made in a handcraft workshop in Florence, Alberica Marble Bags are one of today’s most celebrated examples of Italian fashion. What makes them one-of-a-kind is the signature shell-shaped logo and gorgeous handle, both in precious Carrara marble – two details making these exquisite made in Italy shoulder bags and handbags true wearable works of art. The famed marble, celebrated the world over for its unparalleled beauty, is complemented by a variety of precious materials, including unique tiny brass decorations, entirely made by hand, and silk fabrics by the internationally renowned Mantero Seta atelier based in Como, Italy’s world-famous silk district. This is why Alberica Marble Bags are the luxury bags for women you just can’t do without. Explore the models of the Alberica collection and choose now the Marble luxury bag that perfectly complements your look.

Luxury ladies’ bags by Alberica: the unmistakable style of made in Italy shoulder bags and handbags.

Italian fashion is renowned for accurate details, precious materials and uniquely elegant models. Alberica luxury bags perfectly embody the purest spirit of top-notch made in Italy creations. These sophisticated shoulder bags and handbags for women are inspired by exquisite craftsmanship, exclusive design and refined details. True must-haves radiating inimitable classiness, they will top off your outfit with the allure of high-class branded bags. Each Alberica lady’s bag is much more than a simple accessory – it is a fusion of rare qualities:
  • 100% made in Italy elegance
  • Traditional Florentine craftsmanship
  • Authentic Carrara marble details
  • Custom-made brass decorations made by hand
  • Precious fabrics made in Como
Explore all of the models of the Marble Bags for women collection.

Branded bags made in Italy with authentic Carrara marble.

The value of a luxury bag starts with the materials it is made of. Alberica shoulder bags and handbags for women bring together the very best of made in Italy luxury. One example is the exclusive handle and shell-shaped logo made of Carrara marble. Celebrated as one of the world’s most precious marbles, Carrara marble is sourced from the Apuan Alps and has always been synonymous with art and prestige. It is the very material monuments and palaces of the Roman Empire as well as of renaissance Florence are made of. Each Alberica lady’s bag brings a touch of this grandeur with it.

Handbags for women with handcrafted brass details and precious fabrics.

The refinement of Alberica lady’s bags is topped off by entirely hand-made brass details and finely crafted fabrics. Created in one of Italy’s most refined ateliers, Mantero Seta in Como, the fabrics of our shoulder bags and handbags are made by using jacquard frames. This weaving technique makes it possible to create complex designs as well as unique, original textures.

Alberica Marble lady’s bags: the allure of Italian fashion design.

Alberica shoulder bags and handbags for women are inspired by the creative flair of the brand’s founder and designer Sara Giannelli. Her passion for unique, exclusive details gave rise to a collection of branded bags poised between classicism and innovation. Initially favoring tones of deep blue, the collection now includes a wide range of lovely colors such as emerald green and the timeless daintiness of pink. Today the Alberica collection boasts 5 Marble Bags decorated with the brand’s signature marble shell, a symbol of femininity and creative force. Explore all of our shoulder bags and handbags with Carrara marble details:
  • Paris, in soft floral pattern fabric
  • London, with a metallic green and red mélange pattern
  • New York, in soft deep blue fabric
  • Carrara, in soft fabric with geometric pattern and shoulder strap in shades of blue
  • Rome, in soft fabric with geometric pattern and shoulder strap in shades of pink
Each Alberica Marble Bag features a magnetic closure flap, convenient interior zipper as well as the unmistakable gold-colored tag on the backside.

Choose now the best model for you! Your Marble Bag made in Italy is waiting for you.